Summer Mudding: 2023 Edition Volume I

Summer Mudding: 2023 Edition Volume I

Posted by BaseLayer on 8th May 2023

One of the most popular activities for people that have off-road vehicles is something called, “Mudding”, and if you don’t know what that is, then let us help you understand. Mudding your vehicle is when you take your ride through some crazy off road conditions that will leave it caked in mud from front bumper to rear bumper. A ton of the vehicles that you will see people take mudding are totally custom rides, but they all need to have custom, easy to clean, floor mats. That’s where BaseLayer comes in. Not only do we make the best aftermarket floor mats on the market for your mudding monster, but we also write about stuff like the best places to go mudding. That’s what you will find here, the best places to go mudding on the west coast of the US. Check them out, and make sure your ride is sporting BaseLayer floor mats today.

Top 3 Places Out West to Go Mudding

  • #1 Moab, Utah: This is one of the most beautiful places on the planet, which also makes it one of the busiest for those that come to take advantage of the OHV (Off Highway Vehicle) trails that are a part of what makes Moab so cool. From the red rock formations to the expertly crafted trails, there is something for everyone here in Moab, Utah. Want to plan a trip? Check out Discover Moab to find out when people will be there, and where they are going to be. Also, if you are planning to come into Moab to enjoy the trails, you will need to have completed the OHV course through the Utah DNR. You can find that course here.
  • #2 South Lake Tahoe, California: We know, Lake Tahoe doesn’t stick out as a mudding or off road Mecca. That is until you realize this is where the legendary Rubicon Trail is located. You know the Rubicon Trail? Jeep named a Wrangler after it because of how challenging it is for vehicle and driver alike. You are advised to expect that your ride is going to be damaged if you attempt to complete the Rubicon Trail. It is iconic, and completely worth the trip to come and experience it. You want to plan a trip to the Rubicon Trail? Check out this article about what you need know before showing up.
  • #3 Hollister, California: This little gem is where you will find the Hollister Hills SVRA, or State Recreational Vehicle Area. This spot is operated by the OHMVR Division of California State Parks. It is in fact one of nine OHV parks operated by California and designed to let you test your rides metal against the best that Mother Nature can throw at it. Check out the included link to see which of the nine spots are currently open. Some have been closed due to the threat of wildfires.

Time to Get Muddy

Now that you are “In The Know” when it comes to the best mudding locations in the Western United States, it is time to make sure that the interior of your ride is ready to handle the mess that comes with it. A new set of custom floor mats from BaseLayer will help you keep the interior of your ride protected, and ready for anything you are able to throw at it. Get your set of custom floor liners today at BaseLayer.