Why Families Love the Honda CR-V

Why Families Love the Honda CR-V

Posted by BaseLayer on 14th Mar 2023

When it comes to the Midsize Crossover SUV, there are few that have the overall level of popularity that the Honda CR-V has. There are a bunch on the market, and if you google Midsize Crossover SUV or CUV, you will see the more than a dozen vehicles that bill themselves as such, but none have the staying power that the Honda CR-V has. Now the question is, why? Why does this SUV stand out from the crowd? Well, that is exactly the question we are here to answer… Who do families love the CR-V?

Top 3 Reasons Family’s Love the CR-V

We could get all technical about performance, leg room, and storage capacity, but those aren't the top reasons… Here are the top 3 reasons families love the CR-V.

  • Fuel Economy: We know we said that we wouldn’t be getting technical, but with gas prices increasing on an every other day basis, this is an important part. Gas is a major expense for families, especially ones that have kids in sports (which is a CR-V specialty), and the CR-V does a great job of conserving gas without sacrificing performance.
  • Aggressive Styling: While we are sitting back and worrying about gas mileage, we still want to look cool, and that is another thing that the CR-V does well. With aggressive styling that counters its competitors, the Honda CR-V is where you go when you want to see what rugged looks like when matched up with luxury. It is a showstopper to be sure.
  • Reliability Is King: They say it all the time in sports… “The greatest ability is availability.” and that is not more true than with the Honda CR-V. The CR-V has had an absurdly low amount of complaints lodged against it during its time, and that trend is continuing. Since the redesign of the CR-V in 2017, there has not been a crossover SUV with less registered complaints.

Fall In Love with the CR-V

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