What’s New At BaseLayer: March Edition

What’s New At BaseLayer: March Edition

Posted by BaseLayer on 17th Mar 2023

With the end of winter and the start of spring it seems like a good time to get everyone caught up on what's new here at BaseLayer. Here at BaseLayer we spent our winter appreciating family, friends, co-workers, and of course our customers, and looking for ways to make 2023 even bigger than 2022. We are happy to say, we have come up with a ton of different ways to make sure that 2023 is the biggest year yet for the BaseLayer brand. Take a few moments and check out all of the new things going on at BaseLayer.

BaseLayer News

Take some time and get familiar with everything that is going on here at BaseLayer in March 2023.

New Mats Coming - You have asked, and we are listening. BaseLayer is poised to launch new fully custom-fit floor mats for a number of new vehicles here in the early portion of 2023. Now, we know you want us to tell which ones we are launching, but that would take all of the fun out of the announcements. All you have to do is pay attention to the BaseLayer site, and follow our Facebook and Instagram. That way you will be sure to catch when we announce the new mats as they are released.

St. Patrick's Day - You are probably thinking that we are going to have a new release of special Green floor mats for your car, truck, van, or SUV aren't you? Well, while that is a cool thought, we have found that there is not the same level of excitement about an All Green Floor Mat set as there is about our Special Pink Edition Cut-To-Fit® Floor Mats. We just love St Patty’s Day and wanted to celebrate the day in our Newsletter.

New Organizer & Tray - While BaseLayer already has an impressive selection of center console organizers for a wide range of cars, trucks, and SUVs, we are always looking for the next vehicle we can help unlock. Well, the 2022+ Toyota Tundra is where we ended up. With a New Center Console Organizer that will free up a ton of space inside your truck and a tray that is going to launch here in the early part of spring, we are ready to help you unlock the space inside the cab of this hugely popular truck.

What’s Next

Now you are caught up on the newest happenings here at BaseLayer. You now know that we have a number of new custom-fit floor mats that are going to launch here in the early part of 2023. You also know that we are poised to be able to help you keep the inside of your 2022+ Toyota Tundra clean and organized, and that we are very fond of St. Patty’s Day. Trust the experts here at BaseLayer to help you protect the interior of your vehicle today.