What Makes Us Special? Discover the BaseLayer Difference

What Makes Us Special? Discover the BaseLayer Difference

Posted by BaseLayer on 20th Jun 2022

As kind of the new kid on the block, we knew that we were going to have our work cut out for us… Let’s face it, the custom automotive floor mat space has been dominated by the same brands for YEARS. That’s also what drove us to enter the vehicle floor liner industry. For too long have these other giant companies taken for granted that they are the only real players in this space, but because of BaseLayer, that’s all about to change. Our BaseLayer Cut-To-Fit™ Floor MatsCustom-Fit Floor Liners, and our exclusive line of vehicle organizers do everything our new competitors do… Just better. Take a look, and find out for yourself what makes BaseLayer different from the rest, and better as well.

The BaseLayer Difference

Since we spent our money making a better, higher quality mat than what some might be putting out there, we don’t have big commercials, or flashy sponsorships to show you. What we have is far more important and far more relevant to what you need to know before you purchase your next set of vehicle floor mats.

Difference #1: You Won’t Smell Our Mats - Seems like something that should be a no brainer, but unlike other floor liners that say they are, “virtually odorless”, we actually are odor free. Thanks to our use of the best automotive grade eco-friendly thermoplastic elastomers and thermoplastic olefins, we can give you a truly odorless driving experience with BaseLayer custom floor liners.

Difference #2: Advanced Product Design - The other bigger, more visible vehicle floor mat company’s want you to believe that their floor liners are the result of recent high-level design breakthroughs, when they are basically the same floor mats they have been selling since they started. Doesn’t make much sense huh? At BaseLayer, what you get with our custom vehicle floor mats are actual product design breakthroughs that are new to the industry. Our molding process, design process, and finished products are like nothing you have experienced in this industry, and are an obvious upgrade over those other brands that are passing yesteryears designs off as current breakthroughs.

Difference #3: Advanced Product Materials - Our exclusive floor liners and mats not only benefit from our advanced design process, but also our advanced product materials. We have told you about eco-friendly TPE’s and TPO’s in the manufacturing of our mats, and how they allow for an odorless floor mat experience, but they also change the way our custom floor mats feel. Our mats are not awkward, rigid pieces of hard plastic that are difficult to get in and out of your car. Ours will move, fold, bend, and adjust to allow not only for effortless installation, but also effortless removal and cleaning for many years to come. Check them out for yourselves.

Difference #4: Made Completely in the USA - From the initial design to the final product all BaseLayer products are made right here in the United States. A ton of products claim this to be true, but there are spots in the process that may not qualify as Made in The USA, but that’s not the case with BaseLayer. When we say American Made, that is exactly what we mean.

Difference #5: 100% Recyclable Solution - Along with our advanced design, advanced materials, and commitment to providing you with one of the highest quality aftermarket floor liner on the market, we are also looking out for the environment. Our mats are completely recyclable, and will become something else useful once it’s time on the floor of your vehicle is over.

Experience The BaseLayer Difference For Yourself

BaseLayer doesn’t depend on gimmicks, or high profile sponsorships, or expensive television commercials to convince you to buy our mats. We let the quality, design, and just flat out better performance do the talking for us. The choice is really simple… We make a great product that will stand up against any other aftermarket custom floor liner brand on the market, and we have just listed some of the reasons we believe this is true. If you are ready to outfit your vehicle with easy to clean, high quality, and American Made floor mats, then BaseLayer is what you’ve been looking for.