Summer Muddin: Top Tips for Those Planning to Get Dirty This Summer

Summer Muddin: Top Tips for Those Planning to Get Dirty This Summer

Posted by BaseLayer on 28th Jun 2022

As we hit the summer months, and every country boy/girl (or city boy/girl, we know you’re out there) who has a mud worthy truck starts to think about going out and hitting those deep bogs, there are few things you need to know. These tips have been compiled from rigorous research and testing, and by that we mean we took our own trucks and SUVs out, got them stuck, swore up a storm, and figured out what we did wrong. Then we decided to try and save you the hassle of going through the same stuff we did… You’re welcome.

Top 5 Tips for Making a Successful Mud Run

Like we said, these tips come from personal experience. There is no worse feeling than seeing your vehicle stuck, and knowing the only way out is gonna cost a ton of money… It is especially painful with the price of gas these days, so save yourself at the pump, and follow these steps to keep yourself and your vehicle safe from the wrecker.

  • Muddin is Always More Fun with Friends - It is also far more safe. If you are gonna go mudding, make sure that you not only have all of the gear you need, but that you are with people you can trust. Don’t depend on the guy that you just met to sit there with you while you try and get your vehicle free. This has the potential to turn a mild inconvenience into a serious situation quickly.

Pro Tip: When going out with friends for some good, old dirty fun, make sure to outfit your vehicle with a custom truck console organizer from BaseLayer to keep all of your stuff right where it's supposed to be.

  • Let the Air Out a Little - When it comes to normal driving, keeping your tires at close to full pressure is a great way to maximize your fuel mileage… It is also something that means nothing when going through a mud bog for fun. When getting ready to do a mud run, think about letting a bit of the air out of your tires. This is gonna increase the surface area of your tire to the ground, and help you pull through those really sticky spots… But be careful, those deep bogs might come up and bite you if you let too much out. Pay attention to your clearance.

Pro Tip: Bogs are a bumpy place to be, and your truck's center console is sure to have something in it that you don’t want jostled around. A truck center console organizer from BaseLayer will keep all of your valuables safe and sound throughout your mud run.

  • Use Every Wheel You Can - This is one of those tips that feel like we shouldn’t have to write it, but we do. Kind of like the warning label on a coffee from a restaurant that says “Caution! Hot!”. If you are trying to go mudding, and you have 4 wheel drive, for the love of god use it. Just because you have a jacked-up truck with a huge engine does not mean 2 wheels is gonna be enough. Make sure you have all 4 wheels spinning when you hit that mud, cause if you don’t, and then you need them, it's already too late.

Pro Tip: If your truck has a floor console, a truck console organizer is a great way to keep all of your stuff right where you want and need it to be. Paired with a custom fit truck floor mat, and you will have the total BaseLayer package for your cab.

  • Keep Your Line - Make sure you do a little bit of recon before you hit the bog. Watch the line others are taking, and keep an eye out for those deep spots that could cause a ton of problems for you. The less you have to turn the better, as every time you turn the wheel you are gonna lose a bit of speed, and that ever important momentum that you need to get to the other side. Make a choice, stick with it, and ride that line till you hit the end.

Pro Tip: Not keeping your line will result in you having to get out, and get super muddy. Getting back into a truck cab that isn’t outfitted with a set of BaseLayer Custom Fit truck mats is gonna be a nightmare to clean.

  • Who Needs Brakes Anyway - Just like limiting your turning, you also want to limit your use of the brakes. This will be an absolute killer when you are in the bog. The last thing you need is to brake when you are in the middle of the mud. When in doubt, put it to the floor and trust your truck and trust your line.

Pro Tip: Not using your brakes means that stuff won’t come flying forward on you, but also means that it can (and will) go up and around you… Stop this from happening with a custom truck console organizer from BaseLayer. Keep your stuff in its place.

You Ready for the Cleanup?

This is the part no one ever really talks about… the cleanup. Mudding is fun to do, and super exciting when the conditions are good, and your vehicle is eating holes in that bog, but the cleanup is also important. Leaving that mud to harden on the outside (and underside) of your vehicle can cause damage and wear you didn’t intend. Plus, that doesn’t take into account the beating your interior takes. Your OEM floor mats are gonna be ruined after one run. One tip we didn’t include above is grab yourself a set of custom fit floor mats from BaseLayer before you head out. Not only do they look great in your truck, but are also easy to clean. Just hose them off, and they are like new again in minutes.

When it comes to custom fit truck floor liners, BaseLayer offers one of the highest quality options on the market. Our line of odor free, fully recyclable custom vehicle floor liners are a perfect solution for those that want to get slap covered in mud on the outside, but keep the inside of their truck comfortable and clean.