On the Road Again: Top 5 Fall Road Trip Essentials

On the Road Again: Top 5 Fall Road Trip Essentials

Posted by BaseLayer on 17th Oct 2022

Now is the perfect time for a Fall adventure. The Fall season is stuffed with holidays and stunning scenery making it the perfect time to visit friends and family. In order to make the most out of these Fall Road Trips you are going to need to be prepared. Here at Baselayer, we want to help you make the most out of your adventures, so we have put together this season’s “Must Have” Fall road trip supply list. Take a look and make sure you are prepared for everything this season can offer you.

Top Five Fall Road Trip Essentials of 2022

Fall Road Trips are only cool if you are able to enjoy the time. Otherwise, you might as well have flown and saved yourself the time in the car. One way to make sure you are able to look back on your road trip with fond memories is to bring along the items on our list. That way you will be prepared for any event and be able to enjoy your time on the road.

  • Comfy Extra Clothes - One thing about Fall is that weather can be warm, cool, and cold all within a few hours of each other. Make sure that on top of wearing something you can be comfortable in, you bring additional clothes to put on when Fall decides to do what Fall does. A spare hoodie or sweater, and an extra t-shirt are all great items to make sure you have with you. Also be sure to include a cold weather jacket and a raincoat or umbrella. This way you will be prepared for any fall weather eventuality. These should be easy to get to, and not packed away with the rest of your luggage.
  • Overnight Toiletries - While we are sure you will pack your normal toiletry bag, making sure it is not buried under the luggage is another story. For some reason it seems like everyone decides that the bag that holds the toothbrush, deodorant, and razor should be one of the first bags in and is now stuck under 200 lbs of other luggage. Keeping this bag handy will go a long way towards making your road trip a comfortable one. This is a great bag to store wipes for easy cleanup after those on the road meals. This will help spare your car's interior from the beating that comes with long road journeys.
  • Road Trip Snacks - Speaking of on the road meals… There are better choices for your road trip cuisine than the fast food joints that are attached to gas stations. Stocking up on easy to eat, healthy options will help you have a more comfortable drive. When purchased in their individual bags, you can have an assortment of nuts, fruit, trail mix, and candies all at the tips of your fingers, and with little to no clean up. Using a center console organizer can make this even easier and more convenient. That’s something that BaseLayer can help you with.
  • All the Comforts of Home - Not all of them, but several that will make it easier for you when you’re not on driving duty to relax and maybe catch some well deserved rest. We suggest making sure you have some pillows so you can lay your head on something softer than the window glass. An eye covering will also help you get some rest as it can be hard to fall asleep when there is so much light coming in. Of course a nice blanket and maybe some ear plugs so that you can really push out the noise and recharge your batteries. Also, your passengers will love using these same items while you are piloting them on the journey as well.
  • Had Dinner, Time for the Show - We already talked about stocking up on tasty snacks, so now we are gonna move to the entertainment part of the packing list. You and your passengers can’t be expected to sleep and play “I Spy” the entire trip. Making sure you got the iPad stocked with fun movies, or making sure it is set up on your favorite streaming service will go a long way towards mitigating those serious periods of monotony that happen on every road trip in history… probably.

Are You Fall Ready?

Enjoying your fall season starts with being ready for it. Take our advice and make sure that you and your vehicle are outfitted with the gear you need to get the most out of this wonderful time of year. While we can’t help you with the movies, snacks, or extra clothes, we got you covered on the console organizer to keep the snacks organized. We even have All-Weather custom floor liners to make sure that any snacks or drinks that drop are easily cleaned up. Visit Today.