Get Organized: January is Get Organized Month

Get Organized: January is Get Organized Month

Posted by BaseLayer on 17th Jan 2023

It seems like every time you turn around there is another month that is dedicated to something, and January here in 2023 is no different. Now, normally these special months don’t really align with what BaseLayer provides to our customers, which is amazing custom floor mats for your car, truck, or SUV, and vehicle organizers to help you keep your vehicle clutter free, but January just happens to be a little different. January is Get Organized Month, or GO month, and the team here at BaseLayer is here for all of it.

GO month is celebrated every year during the month of January, and is meant to encourage you to get the clutter out of your life, and help you get organized so that you can have a successful start to your new year. The cool thing is that we can help you with that. Here are three ways to celebrate Get Organized Month with the help of your friends here at BaseLayer.

Top 3 Ways to Celebrate Get Organized Month

Here are three easy ways to get in on Get Organized Month, and start 2023 off on the right foot.

  • Get Rid of Clutter: Clutter builds up in our lives without us even realizing it. It starts with mail that you bring in and put in the same place every day. It could also be things that you used to use, but are now stagnating in the corner of the room or closet. Getting rid of stuff you don’t need anymore, or don’t use anymore can open up a ton of space in your everyday life. The hard part is doing it, and letting go of stuff that you simply don’t need anymore. BaseLayer can help with that. Now, we can’t do anything about the pile of mail, or that Swiffer you haven’t pulled out in over a year, but we can help you with your vehicle. Our vehicle organizers, and organizer sets are the perfect addition to your vehicle during Get Organized Month, and will open up the inside of your vehicle fast.
  • Make a Plan: When you are just starting out organizing the chaos that is adult life, the hardest part is figuring out what to do first. Do you start in the basement or the garage? Should you do one big purge, or do it in stages? What should you keep and what should go? All of these questions can keep you from starting the process of organizing your life. Well, BaseLayer can help with that too. We suggest that you start with a manageable area, and get that organized. From there you can start to move to bigger areas of your home, and as you go you will get more and more confident in your decluttering and organizational skills. A primary example of a manageable area is the interior of your vehicle. Check out all of the vehicle organizers, console organizers, and glove box organizers that BaseLayer has to fit your vehicle today.
  • Schedule Your Organization: Just like with everything you do as an adult, scheduling the decluttering of your life will make it that much more likely that you will follow through. Set aside time during the weekend, or even during the week for those brave souls that want to do extra stuff during the work week to do the organization that your life needs. The key is to be realistic with your expectations as far as how long you will need to get your stuff in order. This is helped by the second point we made about planning. Starting with a smaller area like the interior of your vehicle will help you understand how much time you need to get things in order. Take that time and then figure out what you need for each area of your home. You already know that BaseLayer can help you with console organizers, console trays, glove box organizers, and we even have full organizer sets to help you get everything you need as fast as possible. Shop for the vehicle organizers you need today at BaseLayer.

Get Organized, Stay Organized

Get Organized Month is the perfect way to make sure you are starting the new year off on the right foot. By decluttering and organizing your life you will have more room, less stress, and more time for those activities that you enjoy. Let BaseLayer help you get your life in order by getting vehicle organizer products that unlock the potential of your vehicle's interior space. Get all of your vehicle organizer products from today.