BaseLayer July 2022 Newsletter

BaseLayer July 2022 Newsletter

Posted by BaseLayer on 26th Jul 2022

Welcome to BaseLayer’s newest feature. With our newsletter, we are going to try and keep you all informed about the newest goings on here at BaseLayer. We will go over news that will interest you, events that we are participating in as a brand, as well as product news that you won’t be able to get anywhere else. For now, this newsletter is going to live in our New Blog page (more about that below), but we will be rolling out a newsletter sign-up in the coming months. Be on the lookout for that.

So… Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get to the stuff you want to know.

July BaseLayer News

  • NASCAR Race - We had the privilege of being featured during a recent NASCAR Xfinity Series race. Sage Karam driving the #45 Camaro sported our logo on both back side quarter panels for the race. Sage had a strong starting position of 12th, and made a great run of it all day. We didn’t get the final position we were hoping for, but there is always next week. Follow Sage on his quest for the Xfinity crown.
  • New Site Feature - We are excited to announce the addition of our NEW blog page, BlogLayer, on the BaseLayer website. This is a big step forward for us as a brand, and we are looking forward to being able to share all kinds of helpful and informative articles with you over the coming months. Check it out here, and see what we have been up to since this site feature was rolled out.
  • Stay Organized - In addition to providing you with the newest aftermarket vehicle floor mats on the market, BaseLayer also has a full line of vehicle organizers to help you reduce the clutter in your car, truck, or SUV. Take a moment and check out the amazing storage and declutter options we have available for your ride.
  • Pink Cut-To-Fit Mats In Stock! - These custom floor liners have been a huge hit with our customers, and have been featured on many TikTok, FaceBook and Instagram videos. We wanted to make sure that you are able to get them when you want them. We have a full run of these in-stock and ready to ship. All you need to do is order yours before they are gone again. You can find your next set of vehicle floor mats here. We also have the Pink Cut-To-Fit™ Cargo mat in stock and ready to ship as well. Don’t miss out, these are going fast!

Till August BaseLayer Fans

That’s all we have for you this month. Check out BlogLayer for the other articles we have published since we created this new site feature, and check back in August for more BaseLayer news, and don't forget to grab your set of the crazy popular Pink floor mats that we have in-stock and ready to ship to you. They won’t last long, and definitely not until our next newsletter.