Always Have Protection: Top 5 Reasons to Move to Custom-Fit Floor Liners

Always Have Protection: Top 5 Reasons to Move to Custom-Fit Floor Liners

Posted by BaseLayer on 13th Jul 2022

For many people, the floor mats in their car, truck, van, or SUV are not even an afterthought. They are just what they put their feet on while they are traveling from point A to point B, but there is much more to the floor liners that are placed in your vehicle than you realize. There are a ton of amazing benefits that come with a set of custom-fit, or Cut-To-Fit floor mats from BaseLayer. We know you’re not sure what those are, so we picked the best ones and laid them out for you below. Take a sec and see why a set of BaseLayer vehicle floor mats should be the next thing you put on your vehicle's floor… Besides your feet, that is.

Top 5 Reasons to Get Custom Fit Floor Liners

There are many reasons to get custom-fit vehicle floor mats for your car, van, truck, or SUV, but we have to keep this blog to a readable length, so we have included the Top 5 reasons (in our expert opinion) to make the switch. Check them out below, and then get your set ordered today!

  • Edge to Edge Protection - We have all had to deal with the mess that gets left on the floor of your vehicle from spilled drinks, muddy shoes, melting snow, dropped food, and other carpet-destroying substances. The protection your vehicle gets with a set of Custom Fit floor liners like what is manufactured and sold by BaseLayer will make those worries a thing of the past.
  • Superior Durability - Durability is not something the other floor mat guys are concerned with. They worry about keeping the cost to produce as low as possible, so they can keep their margins high. Now, that’s not to say that custom-fit floor mats will be far more expensive because they aren’t. You end up paying roughly the same amount for your custom-fit floor liner set as you would if you went with any other floor mats on the market… The difference is ours lasts longer, and you will be happier with them in your vehicle. It's a real win/win.
  • No More Stains or Smells - While we mentioned stain prevention in the first point, we also want to touch on it here as well… It's a decently important thing to take into consideration. Stains and smells from liquids, mud, dirt, or something else can cause your car's resale value to plummet, and what are we doing if not trying to both save you money and help you recoup that money on the backend if you sell your vehicle.
  • Increased Safety - A non-custom fit floor mat can get rolled up, caught up, or bunched up in a way that could inhibit your ability to brake or accelerate. This presents a potential safety risk that simply isn’t worth taking a chance on. If used in accordance with the instructions, a set of custom fit floor mats from BaseLayer should never present a safety hazard. Our materials and designs make our mats one of the safest options on the road and provide peace of mind.
  • Travel in Comfort - Another overlooked benefit is the comfort. Our material is more shock absorbent than what is used in other floor mat options you have seen. BaseLayer is dedicated to bringing a high quality, comfortable option to the Custom Fit floor liner market that you won’t have to take out a second mortgage to be able to afford. 

Stay Protected with Custom Fit Floor Mats

Now that you know the whys behind getting your vehicle outfitted with a set of custom vehicle floor mats, it’s time to start talking about who to get them from. While there are other brands out there that are bigger, there are none that offer a better quality product than BaseLayer. Our custom fit floor liners and Cut-To-Fit floor mats are made from a superior material, benefit from a higher level of design, and perform better than our competitors in basically any situation. If you want the best floor mats on the market for a reasonable price, BaseLayer needs to be your choice. Order your set of floor liners today.