2022 Holiday Gift Guide for Her

2022 Holiday Gift Guide for Her

Posted by BaseLayer on 18th Nov 2022

The Holiday Season is here, and that means that everyone is running around trying to find the perfect gift for their perfect (or near perfect) someone. As a way to help you navigate the perils of holiday shopping, and possibly grabbing something that your wife, girlfriend, mom, sister, or daughter might not like, we have put together a handy holiday gift guide to help you find the perfect gift for those special women in your life. As always… You’re welcome.

Top Five Gifts for Her this Holiday Season

  • Best Stocking Stuffer: A journal… Now we know, that doesn’t sound like a fun gift, but this is not just a small book full of blank pages. The journal we suggest is the Intelligent Change - 5 Minute Journal. This insightful guided journal will help her explore mindfulness, reflection, and gratitude while helping her realize her true self. This is a great gift to show those women in your life that you truly do value them and their peace of mind.
  • Best Under $50: There is one thing that almost every female on the planet enjoys and that is a clean and orderly space which is awesome for you. That’s because for about $40 you can give them that gift. With a console organizer and tray set from BaseLayer they will have everything they need right at the tips of their fingers. Grab a set for the women in your life today.
  • Best Gift for Her Jewelry: Bet you thought we were going to say jewelry here huh? Surprise, we are actually saying to get her something to keep her jewelry clean. An Ultrasonic Jewelry cleaner is a great addition to any woman’s jewelry collection. This portable, ultrasonic cleaner will keep her rings, necklaces, and bracelets looking fabulous without her having to go into a jeweler.
  • Best Splurge Gift : So you want to break the bank on this one huh? Well, here it is. 2022’s Best Splurge Gift, a Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer. This piece of hair styling sorcery comes in at over $400, and while we are sure it is worth the price, that is a lot for a hair dryer. But you wanted to splurge, so here you go, splurge.

Celebrate Her this Holiday

While we joke about splurging on a hair dryer, the special women in your life deserve to be celebrated for all that they do. Being thoughtful with the gift you give them this holiday season will go a long way towards showing them that they are valued and appreciated. Happy Holidays from everyone here at BaseLayer Labs and we cannot wait to see what the season holds.